After the House and Senate Budget Committees report the resolutions it’s now time for Congress to pass legislation allowing spending for certain programs and agencies.  There are two kinds of spending; mandatory spending and discretionary spending. Mandatory spending is automatic; programs such as defense spending, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Discretionary spending is annual spending. There are two steps authorization and appropriations.  First Congress will pass an authorization bill, these bills allows the continuation of a program or agency. Once a program or agency is authorized Congress them appropriates the money to these programs or agencies.  There are three types of bills passed. The first being an annual bill, which is a regular bill, second is called a supplemental bill, which address unexpected spending such as funding for emergencies and third and final kind of bill is a continuing resolution, which provides temporary spending. The video below is a sample of the House Committee Appropriations and hearing a testimony from Richard Armitage to get a better understanding on how to spend the money on the Iraq War.